***POOL AGM Tuesday 31st JULY***
Proposals received that will be considered at Tuesdays AGM

This is a top line overview and further details will be given at the meeting

1. Change Summer league format by playing 2 x doubles games at the start of the match back to back - several benefits to this including fairer share of breaks throughout the match for both teams, if players are late, prevents delays in starting or changing order

2. Slightly change order in second half of summer league to ensure if both teams have only 4 players, the byes that must be inserted are at different points on the sheet to allow more of the players present to play a game

3. The winter league will be split into 2 or 3 divisions dependent on team numbers and the format to be agreed by the committee - this may or may not include the divisional Cup competition

4. Increase summer and winter league fees by £5 per team from Summer 2019 - due to rising costs of the league and additional trophies now purchased, this is a necessary step if we want to continue the high standard of trophy we have set over the past few years

5. From last AGM, consider implementing scotch doubles merit format into doubles merits winter 2018-19

See you Tuesday
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Please remember it is the responsibility of the winning team, not the venue, to deliver the result sheet.
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