LEEK POOL LEAGUE RULES-2017/18 (updated (in red)  3rd August 2017)

1.   Entrance fee £40 (Winter) per team.  Summer £35 per team

2.   All matches will be played on the set date unless BOTH teams agree to play the match BEFORE that date. Exceptions will be at the discretion of the committee.

3.   Matches start by 08:15 pm.  Teams who turn up after the deadline will forfeit 1 frame at 8:20pm, and a further 1 frame for each 15 minutes they are late after 08:20pm

4.   At least 4 players must turn up before the match can be started.

5.   Matches consist of 2 x 6 singles, with 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

6.   Any number of players may be signed and must be signed by 26th December 2017. Exceptions at the discretion of the committee.. 

7.   AGM 2017 will take place on Tuesday August 1st 2017 where Winter 2017-18 teams will be registered

8.   Order of play is as per result sheet.

9.   Once a player has played 1 frame in a match, he CANNOT transfer to another team until the next League season.

10. All matches will be played to the<a href="http://http://www.epa.org.uk/wrules.php"><span style="color:#0000ff;"> WORLD 8 BALL POOL RULES </span></a>The Timekeeper will be from the other team than the Referee.  ANY TEAM NOT WILLING TO PLAY THE TIME RULE MUST FORFEIT THE MATCH.

11. Away team to break and referee the first frame. Home team time.  As per result sheet

12. There is no coaching during matches

13. Summer league title will be decided by KO format (Qtr, semi and Final) comprising of top teams from each division.

14. A Summer plate will be run to extend Summer matches to those team not qualifying to the play-offs

15. In doubles merits competitions, players may confer BEFORE the oncoming player addresses the table and then AFTER he finishes his break.

16. All Merits/Memorial matches MUST be timed as per world rules. Players waiting to play their merits matches should be expected to time the match in play.

17. Breaking in merits matches is decided by the flick of a coin at the start and alternate breaking thereafter. There is no stipulation on who breaks in doubles merits. i.e. the person with the better break off can take all their teams breaks.

18. The Referees decision is final.  The home team will referee frames 2,4,6,8,10,12 the away team. 1,3,5,7, 9,11 as per result sheet

19. If there is a dispute in a single frame, the rest of the match must always be completed. Both captains should ensure they make each other aware that a disputed frame/match will be reported to the league. 

Any dispute that cannot be settled on the night must be reported in writing/email to the Chairman within 4 days.

20. Captains may choose not to sign the results sheet until the end of the match, in the event there is a dispute that is raised with the League. Final decision on signed sheets vs disputes will always be taken by the League on a case by case basis.

21. As from Winter 2013-14,in Cup matches, if the result is a draw then the captain will choose a player to play the deciding frame. The break for the play-off will be decided by the toss of a coin.

22. WINNING team Text or <a href="mailto:results@leekpoolleague.co.uk"><span style="color:#0000ff;">email</span></a>  result to 07972675873/robspender@gmail.com within 24 hours and send result sheet to Benks within 3 days (Saturday)   Failure to do either will result in a £10 fine . NOTE: This includes Summer also !!

23. All teams must be represented at meetings.  Teams not represented will be fined £10. Payment of fine MUST be paid at the next meeting. If a team consistently misses meetings the team could face disciplinary action from the committee possibly resulting in further fines and/or expulsion from the league.

24. Only team venues within 10 miles of Leek will play in the league, with no more than 2 players from outside this area signed for any one team.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the committee.

25. Any team not fulfilling a fixture will be fined £20 and in cases where the cancellation was within 24 hours of the match/ or food was prepared, those monies will be paid to the pub. Repeatedly offending teams will be summoned to a meeting with the committee who will decide on what course of action to take which may result in extreme cases, expulsion from Leek Pool League (see also Rule 39)

26. The position of teams finishing level on points, will be decided by the results between those teams, firstly on points -  if they are still level, then frames, then if still level by overall frame difference.

27. All merits matches must be played on the set date or BEFORE the following meeting.  Singles, Doubles and Memorial matches are best of 5 frames, Semi-Finals 7, Finals 9.  The semi-finals and finals of the merits competitions will be played on neutral tables unless otherwise agreed between the players involved. The committee will have final decision if required.

28. Meetings this season, will be held 8.00 pm, Tuesdays at the Prince of Wales.

29. Teams or individuals (who will be required to sign receipt and acceptance of terms if they choose to keep the trophy until the League requires its return) must finance the replacement of any annual trophies damaged or lost.

30. Any player reaching the Semi-finals of the Singles, Doubles or Memorial Trophy must have played 50% of their team’s league and cup matches that season.  Failure will result in losing Quarter-finalist being re-instated to play in that Semi-final. Exceptions at the discretion of the Committee. Entry into the Memorial Trophy for any established Inter-League player in the last 3 years is £5 (as per Div 1 players).

31. The league (winter only) will have a Divisional Cup running throughout the Winter.  Format is a drawn straight knockout 1 leg only – venue determined by first team drawn. In the event of a draw the captain will nominate a player to play off a deciding frame. The break to be decided by a toss of a coin.

32. If a team's table/lighting//quality of balls is considered so poor, (by the teams playing on that table) this should be raised at the next League Meeting where appropriate action could be taken (extreme case could result in a venue being expelled from the League). Captains have the right to attempt to level or brush the table if they feel capable to do so.

33. In KO/Sub cup semis/finals – players needed to have played 50% of league fixtures. This will be subject to scrutiny by the League and also at the discretion of the league (relating to rule 24)

34. Any team that wins trophies during a season must have representation at the Annual Presentation otherwise the trophies will be recycled.

35. Any player or team reported to the league and subsequently found to be in breach of what is deemed ‘good and acceptable behaviour’ will be dealt with by the committee. Any player or team who is found to have been guilty of violent conduct will be suspended from Leek Pool League indefinitely. As the pool league is affiliated to the Staffs County Pool Association they may also be banned from playing in other local leagues.

36. Any outstanding monies payable to the league at the end of a season must be settled in full before registration to the forthcoming season is complete.

37. Any player who postpones a merits or memorial match on a scheduled Thursday night must rearrange to play the match before the next Sunday night – failure to do so will result in the player who originally postponed being excluded from the competition – If a player knows he is unable to play on a scheduled Thursday night, he may arrange to play before the published calendar date providing the opponent agrees

38. All players reaching the Semi-Final Merits / Memorial matches will need to be prepared to play on a specified Saturday night as determined by the committee at a venue to be confirmed – dates will be uploaded onto the annual pool calendar in good time to make the necessary arrangements

39. League doubles matches for the Summer League 2018 will take the format of ‘Scotch Doubles’ – Players are not allowed to confer during their joint visit .They may confer before a visit (without addressing the table) or between visits 

40. Any postponed league or cup fixture must be played within 2 weeks of the original fixture date – failure to do so will result in the team who originally cancelled, forfeiting the match

41. Attendance at the AGM is mandatory from 2018 –  This will be a combined AGM & Registration meeting therefore any teams entering the forthcoming season must attend to register and pay the relevant  league registration fee – The committee will ask for proposals to be submitted in writing 2 weeks before the published AGM date – The proposals will be posted on the Leek Pool Website at least 1 week before the AGM

42. From Winter 2017/18 season each division will have an 8 Ball Clearance Trophy – The player in each division completing the most 8 ball clearances (Only team league & cup matches) will be awarded a trophy at the end of the season

An 8 ball clearance is deemed to be legal when a player a) Breaks and clears the table legally on his first visit or b) A player makes a ‘fair’ & dry break and the incoming player clears the table legally on his first visit